Two Dogs - Twice the Work?

Yesterday, a dog park friend asked me if having two dogs was twice the work of having one dog.  She is the proud mamma of the sweetest and gentlest grey hound ever.  And he needs a doggie buddy.

My family has always had only one dog.  Three kids and one dog was my parents' limit.  And even though my dogs are litter mates, I got Amelia first.  Kitty just kind of joined our pack later, and we just didn't have the heart to give her up.

I'm glad I have the two dogs now, and would not have it any other way.  They are definitely not twice the work of having one dog. It's not twice the work to take two dogs to the dog park.  You're already going, so whether there are two dogs or one is not that different.  As a bonus, on the days when you're the only ones at the dog park, your dogs can still run and play together, and get more excercise than just one dog would.

And it's not twice the work to train two dogs.  I find that my dogs will learn from eachother.  And if one sits quick and gets praise or a teat, than the other one will sit right away.  Doggie peer pressure.  Also, if I call them and one comes running, the other will most likely follow.

Of course having two dogs is more work than one dog.  I have to cook twice the amount of food each month.  I have to wash two dogs when it's muddy, and I have to clean twice the amount of dog hair.  The price tag of two dogs is also higher, especially at the vet. 

But I think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.  My dogs are so much more active because they play together and chase squirrels on our hikes together.  They also keep eachother company when I'm not there.

So if you're considering getting a second dog, I highly recommend it.  Millie, Kitty and I are having a great time together!


houndstooth said...

I agree! We currently have three, and have had as many as four here. I don't imagine us going back to just one, at least for a very long time. Greyhounds tend to prefer each other for company, as well. Their early lives are all about togetherness, so I think it's a comfort to them to have others around!

Dog Mama said...

It's twice the bills - but not twice the work, definitely not. They indeed to learn from each other, though not always the things we'd like them to ;-)

elizabeth said...

Like your post very much. I am up to three and I am here to tell you that the work has increased exponentially! So has the hair!

Anonymous said...

Saw you on the Blog Hop list and wanted to check you out. I have three canine companions although they are not technically my dogs. They live with my sister but hang out most of the time with me. The only work involved for me is feeding them treats!

Pibble said...

That's funny! Because we have five! It's more work, yes, but it's also five times the love!

Nice to meet you today on the Blog Hop!

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