Dog Park in the Rain

It was drizzling slightly when we went to the dog park the other day.  But it was still warm and bright outside. 

Unfortunately, we only saw one other doggie family.  We joked around that the dogs that come to our dog park don't poo when it's raining.  Or on Friday evenings - but that's another story.

The girls were a little sad that they were the only ones in the park when we got there.  They just walked side by side, moping.  This was SO not the dog park adventure they had envisioned.

They were all squinty so that the rain didn't get in their eyes.

And at first, they weren't too thrilled about getting wet.

They didn't want anything to do with their favorite swimming spot.

So what's left to do?
Wrestle around and play of course!

So next time you look out the window and the weather is not cooperating, ignore it and make a rainy day doggie play date.  Your dogs will love it!

What do you do with your dogs when it's raining?


houndstooth said...

Mine go and take a nap! Greyhounds are made of spun sugar, you know, and melt in the rain! *snort*

road-dog-tales said...

Most of us don't mind the rain at all. In fact, before Mom & Dad bought us our own dog park with swimming ponds, we especially loved rainy days at the park (dog park or any park) because we had it all to ourselves - i.e. no people, ergo no leashes and we could be ourselves and not have to mind our manners! We still don't mind the rain, except for one of us, we won't mention any names!
Looks like you two made your own fun! And that is an especially nice swimming spot!
The Road Dogs

Cranberry Morning said...

I love the pics of your dogs. :-) When it's raining, my dogs like to be inside their huge doghouse a.k.a. known as the people house (but they don't realize that).

You can see my sweet doggies on my sidebar at Cranberry Morning.

By the way, are you a bit of an overachiever??!! ;-) (meant as a compliment)

The Teacher's Pets said...

First of all...what a great blog you have! I love the fun layout and the pictures so much that I am now your newest follower! Thanks for following my blog today! It's always nice to meet another dog lover!
How fun that your 2 dogs finally got up the nerve to play in the rain! I guess they decided that they'd better take advantage of the day no matter how icky it was out there!
As a professional pet sitter, I am out in all kinds of weather and if it weren't for the dogs needing to get their relief and exercise I'd be indoors moping about the rain...and snow...and sleet...etc!

Miley said...

I LOVE THE RAIN! Make the best of it I say! Mud is good too, except Sarah doesn't like it for some reason... :(

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